Woman arrested for burning schoolboy with hot knife


Kilimanjaro Regional Police Commander Hamis Issah 

Rombo. A Standard Twoschoolboy, eight, of Tarakea Primary School in Rombo District has suffered burns on different parts of his body after his aunt allegedly punished him savagely.

The victim, according to reports, his aunt burnt him on different parts of his body using a hot knife, which left him with serious injuries.

The reason for the brutal punishment was because the boy went to play with playmates without permission.

Kilimanjaro Regional Police Commander Hamis Issah has confirmed the occurrence of the incident, adding that the suspect has already been arrested and legal steps will be taken against her.

The aunt, (name withheld) is claimed to have committed the barbaric act on February 2, 2019 in Kilimanjaro Region and that after the incident she is said to have taken hot water mixed with Omo washing powder and poured it on his injuries.

A team of MCL Digital has today,  February 12, gone to visit the boyat Mbomai Ward in Tarakea Division, and spoken to him. He was visibly   unable to neither stand up nor walk before explaining about his aunt’s brutal act to him.

“When I came back from playing with my friends, my aunt asked mewhy I left her children alone and instead I went to play. That is when she started burning me with a hot knife and after that she took hot water mixed with Omo washing powder and poured it on my injuries,” narrated the boy.

However, the victim explained that it wasthe first time to be barbarically mistreated by his aunt.

Ms Brigitha, however, admitted mistreating the boy, saying she became angry after leaving her little children alone.

“It is true I burned the boy with a hot knife and after realising I had severely injured him I begged him to pardon me,” Ms Brigithaconfessed.

For his part, Tarakea Primary School head Joachim Macha said his school children were normally being inspected every Monday, but one Monday the boy seemed to be very weak and added that when heasked him (boy) what the problem was, he showed him serious injuries on his thighs.

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