‘Why I should get married?’ Willy Paul is looking for friends with benefits


Willy Paul told by fans to do a collabo with Ringtone and Bahati. photo credit: Instagram/Willy Paul

Gospel singer Willy Paul says he needs a woman in his life but not to settle with.

“I am asking why I should get married, although I need a woman but not to marry them,” Willy Paul told Word Is on Friday.

Willy says he is willing to date for even 30 years without marrying. In an earlier interview, the controversial singer said he is not in love, despite his songs revolving around the theme.

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“I’m not in love, although I know how to compose love songs,” he said. “Women are difficult to deal with. It is not me but life has taught me; I don’t believe in love.”

This contradicted reports that Willy Paul was dating his supposed baby mama, Mali Queen, who in an IG page told off other women groupies to stay the (expletive) away from her man.

“Yah’ll ladies he’s Fully taken and soon will be walking down the aisle with the Mother to his Most Adorable son #KingDamian…Keep away ladies don’t bring him temptations,” she wrote.

Willy’s record label Saldido has signed two artistes already, and he wants to push their music to the next level.

Asked what his mother thinks about his songs, he said, “My mum knows that I am a good singer.”

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