‘We fight,’ Mercy talks about relationship with sister Betty Kyallo


Sisters Mercy and Betty Kyallo

Sexy screen siren Betty Kyallo introduced her look like sister, Mercy Kyallo, to her fans.

The two sisters are inseparable and this is evident from their social media accounts. They are always hanging out together.

Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo with her sisters

Just like Betty Kyallo, Mercy is also an entrepreneur and she ‘s the CEO of Yallo leather a man’s bag brand. It’s an online store.

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She’s older than me by three years. She’s such a cool person but we fall out at times like normal sisters. Mostly we fall out because of clothes.

She continued:

For example, when she takes my new dress and poses with it on social media and  now I can’t take it again because people will notice. At times I get DMs and people are like ‘I saw Betty with that dress’ and I’m like Oh my gosh! it’s so new. So we fight.

Mercy added:

But all in all, we have an amazing relationship.

Betty Kyallo

The young CEO also talked about being a supportive sister to Betty, who is an easy target for trolls.

I ‘ve always tried to defend her and at the same time I’m that person who will sit her down and tell her ‘here you’re completely wrong’.

Don’t we all want to have a sister like Mercy?

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