Kutesa Accuses Rwanda Of Imposing Economic Blockade On Uganda


The government of Uganda has accused neighboring Rwanda of imposing an economic embargo on the former’s goods.

This accusation is contained in a statement issued by Uganda’s Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kutesa saying, Rwanda has since introduced an export payment system to sabotage Ugandan goods.

“Rwanda has introduced an export permit system for those who intend to exports goods to Uganda. This is a technical and non-tariff barrier to trade, to which there has been no successful applicant. In effect, this is a trade embargo on bilateral trade with Uganda,” the statement reads in part.

The accusation comes amid a war of words between the two nations started by Rwanda which closed off part of its border with Uganda and issued a travel advisory to her citizens.

In the statement, the minister rubbished allegations that Uganda had closed her border with Rwanda.

“What is happening on ground however, is that export of Ugandan goods to Rwanda have been prohibited by Rwanda authorities. The same authorities are only allowing crossing into Rwanda those trucks carrying transit goods destined for Rwanda or transiting through Rwanda to the Democratic Republic of Congo and other places,” the statement adds.

Kutesa has also reiterated Uganda’s commitment to the free movement of goods and persons across the border.

“Consistent with its obligations under regional and continental frameworks, Uganda remains committed to ensuring the free movement of persons and goods across borders,” Kutesa says.

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