Kadaga Should Explain Her Witchcraft Case to Ugandans — Winnie Byanyima


Byanyima, the Executive Director of Oxfam International and wife to FDC icon
Rtd Col Dr Kizza Besigye has said that the Speaker of Parliament Rt Hon Rebecca
Kadaga should explain to Ugandans how she ended up in a shrine.

Kadaga should personally explain herself to Ugandans and fight her embarrassing
court case. Parliament should stay out of it!,” Byanyima tweeted.

tweet comes after Parliament issued a statement regarding a case in which
Kadaga is accused of not paying a witch doctor who worked on her to get
political powers.

a man identified as Damiano Akuze, a witch doctor from Buwala, Buganda Zone,
Lulyambuzi Parish in Kamuli District said that he worked on Speaker Kadaga for
two nights when she came to him seeking his traditional medicine to help her
attain a successful political career.

Akuze has now dragged Kadaga to court, demanding payment of Shs200m for alleged breach of contract.

alleges that Kadaga requested him to work on her so that she would be given a
big job in government and also be driven in a convoy like a president.

Akuze alleges that since Ms Kadaga’s visit to his shrine, he has been
administering his traditional medicine on her.

of the above, Ms Kadaga has served as East African Assembly delegate, MP,
minister and currently as the Speaker of the Parliament of Uganda”

on the 3rd day of September 1990, the defendant (Ms Kadaga) was called by
President Museveni and appointed minister and has since then held big positions
in government,” he adds.

Akuze alleges that since 1990, Ms Kadaga has paid him only Shs1m, which was in
October 2017, and has since refused to pay him the balance of Shs204.5m.

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