It’s Time For Museveni To Go — Patrick Amuriat Oboi


for Democratic Change party president, Hon Patrick Amuriat Oboi has said that
its time for president Museveni to let other people run the country because Uganda
has all kinds of capable leaders.

appearing on one of the local television stations on Thursday 14th, Amuriat
said the country is not short of leaders and as Forum for Democratic Change, they
will be selecting among themselves a party flag bearer; it could be Besigye, Amuriat
or anybody.

are not short of leaders, NRM and Museveni are at their weakest, everything is
going in the wrong way in this country,” he said.

added that if the population is given the capacity, it’s time to tell Museveni
to let other people run the country and this can be done in 2021.

“The next election is to going to be business unusual, the population will be prepared. In 2016 the population was not adequately prepared,” he added

said that the people’s government is a front to ensure that FDC wins the

NRM wants to play tricks on FDC the people will say no enough is enough.

cannot threaten Forum for Democratic Change, you cannot intimidate Kizza
Besigye who has faced every kind of torture in this country.”

further added that to write off Dr Kizza Besigye would be the greatest desire
of NRM but Besigye is very formidable and writing him off would be a political

stated that Forum for Democratic Change runs as a normal political party while
peoples’ government runs as a government and a government has a president, so
people should note that FDC has its leadership and there is no contradiction.

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