I’ll sue you for using my pictures without my consent, Raila’s photographer tells Miguna


ODM Leader official photographer Evans Dims has vowed to sue exiled lawyer Miguna Miguna for using his pictures without his consent.

Dims who said that since the publication of the book titled treason, the man with the same name twice hasn’t sent him any penny for the work done.
The photographer now seeks to move to court to challenge NRM Leader Miguna Miguna for copyright subversion.
“Someone has Double M’s Number? I want to ask him to share some of the proceeds for using my photos on both covers of his new book..without consent..I know they are mine because I was the only one shooting from this angle that day..right, Emma?” dims posted

Here are some of the reactions:
Paul Manyala: With his attitude of transparency and integrity, he should have at least acknowledged
Paul Manyala: Evans Dims he steals little things like photos, what if he becomes a village chief?
Mackiche Mackiche: Enda pale twitter atakujibu immediately 😂
Samfred Major :But si he’ll argue that you took the a photo of him without his consent
Cliffe McAdero :I have his email,Canadian Cell and home number too though his Kenyan number too is working in Canada and through whasapp you have him.

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