‘I want to be a billionaire by 30,’ Bahati says


The singer posing

Despite the bad press Bahati has been receiving this past month, the artiste seems to be unfazed and living life on his own terms.

The singer posing

He was recently interviewed by Mzazi Willy M Tuva on his show Mambo Mseto. He told the host:

After God blessed me with a company and amenifanya CEO, I have to go back to school. Lazima nijue a lot sana. Kama saa hii nafaa kujoin Strathmore in a few days nianze course yangu ya Management and Business. Because I am also a businessman.

Mzazi Willy M Tuva
Mzazi Willy M Tuva

The gospel singer is 25 years old and wants to be a billionaire in the next 5 years. He explained:

I want to be a billionaire by 30 because we have been in a situation where no one valued our music and no one believed that you could be rich through music. That is why I am tapping into things people haven’t tried before. I dared to launch a record label when it was viewed as non-profitable. I want to try new things and with that, get more knowledge. As I work on music I am also dealing with property.

Bahati on the Mambo Mseto show

Truth be told, he might be on the path to great success with his recent moves. First, is him owning his own studio. Secondly, he launched a new reality show on NTV called “Being Bahati”.

File photo showing him launching his show

He might be trying to mirror the strategy that many successful artistes like Jay Z have already adopted. The reason the American rapper is on track to become the world’s first dollar billionaire is that he sold his own music through his own label Rocafella Records.

Jay Z
Jay Z: Courtesy/Commons Wikimedia

Secondly, the rapper has ventured into the clothing industry and a couple of years back he also debuted his own streaming service called Tidal.

Does Bahati have the discipline, wherewithal, craft, and grit to make a billion by 30? We’ll have to wait and see.

The singer posing

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