‘I used to skip school, do crazy things,’ Tanasha reveals details of her teenage years


The glowing beauty

Tanasha Donna has become a big name in the Kenyan entertainment industry. And her relationship with Diamond has certainly helped keep her name on people’s mouths.

Tanasha Donna and Diamond
The lovers together

But just as positives come with fame, so do negatives. Recently a source made some disturbing claims about Tanasha’s background.

The allegations prompted us to call her for a response. She clarified that the allegations were aimed at tarnishing her and her family’s name.

Tanasha with her family
Tanasha with her family

She gave us her side of the story:

“I was born in a North Middlesex hospital in England. I have records and pictures to prove that. I have my birth certificate to prove it. I moved to Kenya with my mom when I was 3 years old. My mom moved here and stayed with my grandmother.

Tanasha's grandmother
Tanasha’s grandmother

My biological father and I have never been in contact. In previous interviews, I have mentioned that. My biological father is Italian. I am Italian by blood.

A TBT of Tanasha
A TBT of Tanasha

She added:

My mother then met my Belgian step-father here when I was about 6 years old. So, he raised me pretty much up to date. 

We lived in Kenya till I was about 12, 13; up until I was in class 6. We moved to Belgium so I could study. so I could finish my studies there. They split up about 4 years ago. 

So what type of teenager was Tanasha?

 I was a troubled teenager when I was in Belgium – wrong influence, wrong friends. You know when you are in Europe and you are like 15, 16, like the kind of things 15,16 year-olds do, they do crazy things.

Spotting her natural hair

I used to skip school, doing crazy things. But I rectified all of that and I ended up going back to school. What I didn’t finish was my university. I have mentioned this fact in interviews. I have never denied that.

Tanasha and her family
Tanasha and her family

When I came to Kenya in 2015, the plan wasn’t to move back to Kenya, to be honest, but I ended up falling in love with my ex Nick Mutuma. I ended up staying.

Nick Mutuma and Tanasha in the past
Nick Mutuma and Tanasha in the past

Her stay in Kenya

My mom pressured me to go back and finish my studies. After my second year of university is when I came back here. I was meant to come for holiday, I ended up staying longer. I ended up entering the industry. I also ended up liking here (Kenya) more than there (Belgium).

Tanasha Donna
The presenter posing

My mom kept on pressuring me to finish my studies. But I told her that they can transfer my credits from there to here, which was the plan before I got into NRG radio, which is still the plan. In Belgium, I was studying tourism, hotel management, hospitality.

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