Exposed: How God’s Plan Fell In Sheilah Gashumba’s Cunning Sex Tricks


Sheilah Gashumba and Ali Lwanga a.k.a God’s Plan have been living a life that most people dream about. Lavish spending, exotic holidays and parading their love on internet.

Exclusive info on Howwe desk indicates that when Sheilah met God’s Plan on Instagram it was strictly business. She had been hired to promote his brand in Uganda.

This is after Sheilah had been tipped by one of her friends that God Plan is super loaded. He wanted  to come back to Uganda to seek asylum after landing into trouble in the states. 

Sheilah put together the details and discovered that God’s Plan had billions of money on his account and without hesitation, she hit his instagram inbox in the name of doing his PR to cover up his past life. 

God’s Plan fell into her traps and on landing in Uganda, she advised him to delete all his social media accounts.

She created new accounts and introduced him on Uganda social scene by organising a party at Club Guvnor featuring Navy Kenzo however the event  flopped.
In her proposal, she  promised to introduce him to who is who in the showbiz.

However, cunning Sheilah knew this was her chance to roll with a loaded guy.  She couldn’t allow Kampala slay queens to enjoy all the money that was already in her reach. She decided to date him and they say, the rest is history.

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