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Good Morning.

Trouble is brewing in Kiambu with the management of Tatu City in Ruiru accusing Governor Ferdinand Waititu of using spurious Kikuyu elders as a pretext to grab three acres of land.

On Saturday, some Kiama Kia Ma elders wanted to perform a cultural ceremony under a Mugumo fig tree on the Tatu City land but were denied access by security officers.

Here are the other stories making headlines in the Star this Tuesday morning.

DCI targets banks, CBK over Dusit terrorist money transfer

Two government agencies, a commercial bank and Safaricom are in trouble with the police over Sh9 million sent through M-Pesa and which detectives believe was used to finance the Dusit terror attack.

The Central Bank of Kenya, the Financial Reporting Center, Diamond Trust Bank and Safaricom are now on the radar of the Anti-Terror Police Unit over the attack that claimed 21 lives.

In what is likely to jolt the financial sector, the Star has established that the Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti has established a case against individuals in the four institutions.


New bar, five-star catering services await MPs as they resume sittings today

When MPs resume sittings today, they will be served with five-star catering services and in the evening after a hard day’s work, those who partake of wine, whisky or beer, will be served at a newly refurbished bar.

As of last evening, carpenters were rushing against time to put final touches to the expanded bar full of ambiance.

The gypsum ceiling star-studded with decorative lights, the chandeliers and the comfortable seats at the MPs lounge completes the new dinning area for the MPs that are resuming sittings after the long recess.


OT Morpho: MPs threaten to lock out firm in Sh3bn deal

French firm OT Morpho risk losing the Sh 3 billion identity data deal for snubbing MPs probing how the same firm directly got the multi-billion KIEMS kits used in last elections.

Yesterday top directors of the controversial firm failed to appear before the powerful Public Accounts Committee to respond to questions on how it got the Sh 4.19 billion restricted tender to supply the 45,000 KIEMS kits used in the last election.


From ‘beba beba’ to booking seat: E-shuttles take on matatus to ease commute

A storm is brewing in the matatu sector as three technology companies plan to introduce mass transport apps.

Little Cabs, Safiri Express and Egypt-based Swvl have vowed to disrupt the matatu sector.

The three tech firms are testing ways to get customers to destinations with fewer stops, at affordable prices, while maintaining high quality and safety standards.

About 30,000 matatus get into Nairobi CBD, with an average capacity of 25 passengers.


Doctor blames colleague in botched breast enlargement surgery

A doctor has absolved Nairobi Hospital of blame in the botched breast enlargement surgery which led to death of June Wanza Mulupi saying by the time she was brought to the facility she was in critical condition.

In an affidavit filed in a suit yesterday, the medical director of Nairobi Hospital Dr Christopher Abeid said the surgery that led to complication was done at a different facility and Mulupi rushed to Nairobi Hospital only after post operation complications.


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