Did Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko (pictured) give the more than 200 striking nurses, who had camped outside his office, some Sh300,000 to “quench their thirst”? Corridors understands that after a closed-door meeting with the nurses at Charter Hall, the flamboyant governor ‘compensated’ them for “jasho mlitoa mkidemonstrate”. One of them was overheard praising the city boss and they promptly called off the strike. They had demanded implementation of their CBA.


A row is brewing in the Devolution ministry. It floated a multimillion-shilling tender for the supply of fortified foodstuff under the relief and humanitarian emergency response. But word has it that the tender committee has opted to award a nonqualified firm that quoted less than Sh3,000 per bag for key commodities, while locking out those with competitive prices. The ministry tender committee is engaged in the behind-the-scenes manoeuvres to enter into a deal that would cost taxpayers much more than was budgeted.


A crafty CS known for cutting deals and punishing board CEOs who don’t bring him weekly cash is smiling from ear to ear. The minister has got four of his clansmen appointed to one of the boards in which he wants to install his close kinsman as chief executive. Earlier, the CS had declared the CEO’s position vacant and even called for applications through adverts. Surprisingly, the man he is creating the position for is the one who paid the advertising fee in two local dailies late last year. The matter is now under investigations. The CS was overheard bragging that he will kick out the current CEO whom he described as one who “doesn’t know how to live with people”. The community of the board CEO in question has vowed to block any illegal appointment of a new CEO.


Have some Traffic officers on Kiambu Road returned to their habit of creating an artificial jam between Kiambu and Ole Sidai? Well, Corridors has been informed that the jam, created to extort motorists, is back. This came after a top officer, who frequented an estate along the road for his escapades, stopped visiting. Traffic used to flow then, but not anymore. The officers there detain cars on the pretext they have violated the law. A mole told Corridors that they have been collecting Sh5,000 for every detained vehicle, as their ‘station boss’ watches from a civilian car.


“Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today” — Will Rogers

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